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Reilable Web Hosting

Date Added: July 29, 2010 04:15:08 PM
Author: sitepromotiondirectory
Category: Business & Economy

Reilable Web Hosting

If you are looking for Reliable web hosting company or a host which give you good quality dedicated server hosting or virtual private server than you are not alone. Thousand of website owners and webmasters handling busy sites on behalf of their orgnizations do keep on looking for a host which is Cheap , have exceptional quality web server hosting facilities, have their own datacenter with power backup and the list goes on and on and on.

If you are a webmaster and are having same sort or troubles and nightmares here are the few guidelines which if followed can save you in case. First thing is to make a list of all the webhosts nearest to the area where most of your users will be browsing your website. There is a very strong reason for this and the reason is that the distance between the site user and the hosting server should be minimum in order for the site to be loaded blazingly fast. Second thing is the secutiy of the webhost . This is a very big thing and most of the hosts cliams that their server has never been hacked or they claim that their are not vunrable.

For you to make a good decision on this just google it and you would find different people complaints about different hosts. Some of the opinios or reviews might be paid reviews and it is difficult to distinguish between a true one or a paid one and for this you have to do a lot of reading and if all of the people are making same sort of complains then you can fairly judge that the hosting company has some troubles in its security infrastructure. We are emphasizing on security so much becuasue the more important your site is the more is it under attack by hackers and even some Government and well known sites have been attacked by hackers in near past.

Some website hosts would also offer you few domain registrations for free if you purchase their yearly or couple of years package. The reason for this is that there is a good chance that if you would also register a domain with them there is a good change that you will be with them as you would be having more services with the same host and you would become more comfortable and hence vulnarable and end up wasting money.
If your site is too busy or it is heavy on databases and using Content management systems then it would need a lot of processing for loading every page . For this you have to look into purchasing Virtual Private Server. A virtual private server hosting is a type of hosting in which you dont have a full server dedicated for you but infact the server is devided into virtual servers and are assigned a portion of it. It varies upon host to host that how many people they will put on a server. Most of the VPS or virtual private server providers would not disclose this information as they think this is their business secret but as a webmaster this is important for you becuase if more VPS packages are on server the server will definately suffer a negative trend in performance.

Another option is that you purchase Dedicated Server for your website. If you buy a dedicated server then you will be the only person who will be using the resources of that server and you would not be sharing the computing resouces. This is more better option if you dont wish to compromise on speed and data.

The last thing is that in both of VPS server packages and Dedicated server hosting packages there come the option of managed and unmanaged. Managed is obvisouly superior because you might be rescued in case of any problem with your server like a corrupt file or any thing else. Web hosting people will help you if you have a managed pacakge . If you have a unmanaged VPS or dedicated server host package and runs into a problem then you are on your own and you have to figure your problems yourself . No body will help you except the forums and other information on internet which can tell you what to do if "what happens"

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